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We let your data speak

Our BI solutions help you identify and analyze your data for creating greatest value in your decision-making process.

Business intelligence is a technique that enables using raw data for business analysis purposes. Business Intelligence services help discover hidden business trends that improve data-based decision making. Our cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more insightful decisions, take bold action, and quickly put them into practice.

All BI solutions start with understanding the customer’s pain points, problems, help identify opportunities they can tap to achieve their business objectives. Our BI team has the expertise to engage with you to clearly articulate your problem statement and desired outcome. We partner with you to understand your business goals and aspirations – for when we work with your data – we need to know what exactly we are helping resolve or achieve.

Our BI team consists of people who come with right combination of IT skills, data analytics and business understanding – for it is at the intersection of this do we find answers and solutions to our customers. Our BI solutions help you identify and analyze which of your data are of greatest value, thus providing you with actionable knowledge that can impact your organization’s business decisions. Imagine better budgeting, management, and implementation of your business processes – all supported by instant, fact-based information.


Business Intelligence Services

BI Consulting

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), Tool selection, DWH design, Dashboards, OLAP cubes, Reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Power BI.

Data Warehouse

Analyzing reporting requirements to model data warehouse schemas, building end-to-end ETL solutions, running ETL in cluster environments.

Reporting / Dashboards / Alerts

Report and dashboard development, migration across reporting platforms, customized report development, performance optimization, tool comparison, design and delivery of different alert mechanisms.

Data Migration Services

Migrating customer data, transferring business intelligence data, redesigning database schema, store procedures & functions, collaborating on new applications.

BI Tool Integration

Integrating BI tools (ETL / Reporting) in an existing product.

Database Management

Analyzing database requirement to model database schemas, building end-to-end database solutions, installation and configuration, backup and recovery, database tuning and optimization, security assessment and audit, patches & monitoring.

Master Data Management

Business and technical analysis of enterprise wide data, defining processes and roles to build and maintain MDM, tools and technology selections.

Data Quality Management

Data cleansing, data matching, reference data services, data profiling, data monitoring, knowledge base.

Analytic Services

Text Analytics, Web Analytics, Health Analytics.

Advanced Data Visualization

Advanced data visualization services help gain insights from complex data. Our services in this category include:

  • Self-service and collaborative BI
  • Visual querying and augmented BI
  • Geospatial visualization
  • Dynamic data and data in motion
  • Data discovery
  • What-if modeling
  • Self-learning
  • Big data visualization


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