Engagement Model

Clouddesigners provides the following models for flexible engagement with customers from its offshore software development center. These models are designed to address diverse requirements and build close relationships with clients, from project-based engagements to outsourced software development SaaS support. These models are proven to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through mature systems and processes built over a decade of serving customers.

Project-based Models

Time and Material

This model is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverable, and implementation plans are not completely defined when beginning the engagement, or are expected to evolve throughout the period of engagement. This model provides clients with the desired flexibility to manage team sizes and costs as the project progresses in phases. By using this model, you can:

  • Ramp up and down team size in synchronization with the market, project, and release schedules
  • Adapt to evolving requirements
  • Get detailed visibility and control over the development process

Fixed Price

This model is suited for projects where the scope, requirements, and delivery are clearly defined before the start of the project. By using this model, you can:

  • Limit scope variance, control costs, and operate within a specified budget
  • Be clear on time-lines and milestones
  • Reduce your risk and let Clouddesigners be responsible for the project’s delivery
  • Expect on-time, on-budget deliveries provided there are no changes to the scope

Captive Development Centers

Hybrid Development Centers

Clouddesigners operates an onsite - offshore hybrid team where our Business Consultant or Lead Architect works at your location, in close collaboration with your nominated Project Manager, over an extended period and coordinates with the cloud designers offshore team. The Hybrid model:

  • Reduces the time needed for your team to coordinate tasks and write business specifications
  • Allows you to extend your day and realize greater productivity and faster results

Offshore Development Centers

Clouddesigners operates an ODC for you where your team is offshore and works in close collaboration with your designated Project Manager. Clouddesigners has proven communication models, infrastructure, and best practices in the management of seamless outsourced or offshore software development.

  • Offers highest cost advantages and ROI to clients (about 30-45% reduction in cost on average over a 18-24 month period)
  • Is the most frequently used model by Clouddesigners clients

Offshore Development and Support Models


Clouddesigners offers specialized services in the SaaS arena. Clouddesigners can develop, configure, manage, migrate, support, host, and operate your SaaS application using its development team. In the SaaS model of delivery:

  • We will design, develop, and take you to the desired functionality for your Software as a Service
  • We will work with a PaaS partner or your designated provider to host your application as a SaaS
  • We will work with you to maximize your revenue model


In the outsourced model Clouddesigners will work with you to manage your entire SaaS operation on an outsourced model. While you concentrate on strategy, marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction, Clouddesigners can help you:

  • Develop and manage your SaaS software
  • Manage your PaaS hosting services provider
  • Manage business processes and day-to-day services operations in your company such as research, development, CRM, tech support, billing and accounts, and receivable management