Technology Stack



Our mission is to act as your guide and implementation partner throughout the technology adoption process. Our technology stack includes all the modern variants of open source technologies that enable rapid development and continuous delivery. We help our customers choose the best stack depending the nature of their business and non-functional requirements.

We rationalize and suggest appropriate scripting languages, testing frameworks, UI frameworks, continuous integration tools, search frameworks, databases, and hosting platforms based on their business demands. We ensure that all the components gel together and make the system scalable and high performing. Our stack works across enterprises/startups and product development companies.

Our Approach

At first, we make sure we thoroughly understand the idea, the vision, and the motivation of our customers. Before any code is written we help our customers select the tech stack that will power their application and which serves as a foundation for their team to build on.

At Clouddesigners we use an array of technologies to serve all our practice areas. When building web applications we rely on a standard LAMP stack, and for SOA and integration efforts we turn most often to RESTful services. Our web applications are built with our customer’s business needs in mind — they are flexible, lightweight, modular, and developed to meet the most common industry standards.